Change of feed in tariff amount


I’ve had my solar system for four months and have just had a change in the feed in tariff. Just checking if I change the credit rates in the edit tariffs section will that change all historical data or just from the date I change the amount?
I did check the help files but couldn’t figure out whether this would happen or I would have to create a couple of plans, one for all data up until today with the old feed in tariff and a new one without any dates that would cover anything outside the first plan.

Thanks in advance!


Under Manage plans there is a date section

Pedro, from my original post you’ll see that I knew that there was a date feature.

I’ve added in two plans and made them active - does this look correct anyone?

If you click on “About” you will see the User documentation.
Look under
Tariff Plans
Which starts off with this
The tariff plan feature allows the multiple tariff settings to be saved. Each plan can define a date range in which it is active, e.g. a Summer and Winter plan with different TOU times and tariff rates.

One of your questions was about recalculation of tariffs. If you setup new tariff schedule rates, the site will calculate from the current day forward, it doesn’t automatically re-calculate history. You can force it to recalculate history if you want, however.

  1. Go to daily view.
  2. Select the date check boxes you want to recalculate with with the tariff rate that is currently active.
  3. Click on “More”
  4. Select “Recalculate”.

There is a limit to the number of days you can recalculate at one time (about 20, I think). So if you have several months worth to do, you will have to recalculate in groups of dates.

Also, with the new multiple tariff rate schedules you can input that are automatically used for calculating based on the season (really cool feature that was added!), I don’t know if it will automatically recalculate based on a “previous” season’s tariff rate if you select dates that are outside the current tariff rate. If not, you could always activate that rate, do the recalculation of the previous time period, then re-activate the current tariff.

But bottom line, the system does not go back and recalculate historical tariffs automatically.


And for reference, here’s what my tariff schedules look like. Yours looks quite a bit different as I am on a “Time of Use” rate plan with Edison. But it looks OK to me with the main difference that I input the start and end dates on both plans, where you left one blank. I didn’t read the instructions that closely when I was setting it up, but I assume it will default to that “open” schedule when outside of your Jun 28 - Nov 4 time frame.

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Thanks Lenny! Yes, seems as though leaving the dates blank will enable that plan for anything outside of a ‘dated’ plan.
Appreciate your help.

The Help has been updated with a section on this -

Thanks BB, that update looks good.

I’m currently adding different tariff plans to PV Output to try and represent the different rates I have had during the last few months with supplier changes and installation of a smart meter. The tariff plans seem to allow entry of the day, month and year but don’t retain the year.
Is this behaviour intentional to allow tariffs to be set for different time periods within a year or is it possible to record different tariffs for historical data?


I asked the same question and the answer is ‘No’. Tariff date The ‘Tariff Plans’ are designed to account for seasonal changes and not historic changes. E.G. a ‘Summer Tariff’ and a ‘Winter Tariff’.


Only the day of month and month is recorded the year is ignored and will apply to all years.