Can't view pvoutput on tv web browser


I set my internet enabled TV to show my intraday suff as a favourite - don’t use it much but today I had a look and found my TV wouldn’t show the page - said “no response from the server” so I googled it on my tv and sure enough was top of the list. However, there was none of the usual description underneath the clickable link and google had put a link to find out why. When I followed the google link it said that “the page owner blocked this page from Google in a suboptimal way … robots.txt is blocking Google and can’t create a site description” etc.When I clicked on the google provided link to again I get the “no response from the server” message. Has something changed to prevent access on internet enabled tv’s? I can get all other web sites up on my tv. It would be good if this can be fixed.


It shouldn’t make any difference as long as its a web browser.

Try manually entering the address


yes i tried that bb same no contact with server message but using my laptop all is well. when i go to other websites from my tv they all come up ok. very strange


This reference on Robots.txt file might shed some light on the problem
especially on the lines of excluded directories and the order of the statements in the file.
The more serious problem is with logical errors. For instance:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /temp/

User-agent: Googlebot

Disallow: /images/

Disallow: /temp/

Disallow: /cgi-bin/

The above example is from a robots.txt that allows all agents to access everything on the site except the /temp directory. Up to here it is fine but later on there is another record that specifies more restrictive terms for Googlebot. When Googlebot starts reading robots.txt, it will see that all user agents (including Googlebot itself) are allowed to all folders except /temp/. This is enough for Googlebot to know, so it will not read the file to the end and will index everything except /temp/ - including /images/ and /cgi-bin/, which you think you have told it not to touch. You see, the structure of a robots.txt file is simple but still serious mistakes can be made easily.

Perhaps the browser used on the TV is seeing everything as “Disallowed”


The robots.txt file is only intended for web crawlers / spiders and should be ignored by browsers operated by humans.


What browser is the TV using?

Goto on the TV.



and it invites me to send the following link so you can see the settings:-


Have you checked the signal strength and configuration of the connection ??? Try to resolve the issue by taking some tips from