Can't update network settings on Fronius Inverter


Hi. We migrated to NBN today. My Fronius monitoring app now doesn’t work so I’m trying to update the network name and password by activating the access point on the inverter. The trouble is that I can see the Fronius network on my computer and phone but they both tell me the password I am entering for the network is incorrect, even though the network name on the inverter matches and the password is on the inverter. Any suggestions?


hi a friend had this, he had to start from scratch as the as you need to input a new network password etc for your nbn into the inverter,before anything will work


@22onslow, you say “the password is on the inverter” which is not exactly clear what you mean. Follow


There’s an easy workaround for this:

1/ grab your mobile phone (or 4g wifi hotspot) and place it in range of the inverter
2/ set it up in hotspot mode to use the same SSID and password as your old Wifi router
3/ connect your laptop to the temporary wifi network
4/ logon to the inverter and change the wifi settings to use the new network

hope this helps. :sunglasses: