Can't see my followers



I am trying to view who is following my system but I can only see those thow are over 1000 Km away. Problem is that my follower is much less than 1000 km away so it won’t show them to me.

Here is my system:

Here is an image to show what I am talking about.

Thanks in advance for your help.

– Mike


You have only 1 follower and their system is over 1,000km away.

Systems under 1000km following you will be shown in the list.


Hello thanks for responding - I see what you are saying now.

Funy thing is that my one follower is a friend of min who lives about 20 Km away. So I went to HIS set up, which is supposedly located in Australia!

So I will contact him and ask him if he can properly configure his location.

Thanks again for your time

– Mike



I am having the same problem. I have ‘1’ Follower. When I select the link to see my follower I see ‘All 1 systems over 1,000km. Sort by name to view’. When I do sort-by-name I see a completely blank list. Is there a way to see who the follower is?



The user that followed your system does not have a system of their own.