Can't get correct / complete charts for SolarEdge installation


I’m new to PVOutput and I’m trying to get the automatic upload for SolarEdge to work. There is an inverter (SE9K-RW0TEBNN4, V4.9.33) and a Energy-meter to monitor grid import/export.

The figures and charts are all OK on the SolarEdge monitoring platform and compared to the utility meter. So I assume the installation is fine.

I contributed to PVOutput in order to have all options, especially the “both” value in the “direction” option. Bug setting direction=both doesn’t give any usable result.

I tried different settings, the current one is direction = solar but then a have the consumption chart showing the generation as well.

I’m really confused. Can anyone point me to the correct settings to see : power/energy generated, power/energy imported, power/energy exported, power/energy consumed?

Many thank in advance.

SolarEdge consumption needs to be on the secondary device.

  • Primary Device - SolarEdge
    • Direction - Solar
  • Secondary Device - SolarEdge
    • Direction - Consumption

Thanks for the tip. I did that and it still gives me completely wrong figures. Here, two screenshots for today : SolarEdge monitoring and pvoutput.

Any clue?
Thanks for your help

Recent dates look fine.