Cannot update system in settings - weird behaviour

I am having issues when I try to update my system in settings When I first enter settings my panel number changes from 42 to 32 and resizes my system. Any changes to extended data disappears no matter how many times I save it except for Temperature (v9) For example, I was trying to set up a dynamic tariff in the extended data settings. I tried configuring it but I type in the extended parameter e.g. Debit Tariff (V7) Credit Tariff (V8), save it and it disappears i.e. I cannot select the extended parameter in the drop down list when editing the tariff and the extended parameters I created have disappeared. Ditto I cannot change my PWS even though I’m using a new api it keeps changing to the name of an old PWS that is retired.

Make sure the parameter has both a “Label” and “Unit” configured.