Cannot get extended data to show up in live view

I cannot figure out how to display (simple) extended data in the live view - neither the chart nor the table is giving me the data.

I tried switching around the data numbers, but neither legend nor chart nor table show them.

Adding extended data (numbers) through the api works and I can see it available through the ‘getstatus’ api call, but it just does not come up in the view.

Any suggestions? I am pulling my hair out over this :slight_smile:… does it take a while until the chart / table display those?

I am uploading v2, v6, v7 and v8 through the addstatus.jsp (return value: 200, added status).

Any hint or explanation appreciated!
Tia, Michael

update: I found in the html source code that the color as well as the legend / label for the extended data is there,
image ,

it looks though if the data for the two sources is empty:

That is very weird, since I can see the extended data for the exact same system via api…

Do you see the little grey boxes to the right of the bright green one below the “Prev Day” box under the graph on your first screen shot? Those little grey squares will display the extended data.

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omg :frowning: thanks so much. I thought I could get the extended values to show up in the ‘default’ view.

embarrassing, thanks for getting me on the right track!

Yes, I had tried to show this extended data in live view but it seems not possible as all the data fields in live view are occupied.

if this ever helps somebody else - I could make it appear also in live view by clicking the mentioned last grey box:

Yes, but if you click on the first box (green box), you will see that the extended data will not appear here.