Can data be pulled straight from a SolarEdge inverter


My PVOutput stopped about 2-3 hours ago. I checked my SolerEdge Dashboard, and a few other local ones and they are the same, so I figure the problem is at their (SolarEdge) end and isn’t anything to worry about.

My question is, is there any interface or API abilities to pull directly from a SolarEdge inverter; rather than pulling from the SolarEdge website. It seems like using the website API would just be an unnecessary extra step of reporting failure in the system if the data could be requested directly from the inverter.

Any body know anything about them?


Solaredge supports sunscpec. You can use my little program to monitor the inverter, it reads data each 1 sec from the inverter, calculates max,min,avg and more and uploads to pvoutput. Also saves almost all data to a csv file for later analysis.

Just run the latest installer on a windows device.
You can build a linux version also if you like, it’s Qt based so should be straightforward.
Don’t forget to turn on modbus tcp on the standard port :


I eventually gave up on the SE web based monitoring platform and went to TCP Modbus monitoring straight from the inverter using MBclient from github. The solaredge www monitor still works for individual panel data. Ny problems resolved by this were data was old, infrequent and unreliable. Currently I’m monitoring at 15 second intervals using a slow single board computer (RPi 3B+) connected via ethernet and router.