Calculating Self-Consumed kWh from Fronius SmartMeter

I am trying to figure out how to calculate a self-consumed energy value (and %) but I am struggling with how to get some of the required data elements via a Fronius PUSH data service.

I was thinking that I could define an Extended Data Rule as follows:

[Self-Consumed] = [Consumed] - [Imported]


[Self-Consumed-Percent] = [Self-Consumed] / [Consumed] * 100

Consumed comes in via the v3 parameter but I cannot see how to get the Imported value from my Fronius PUSH feed?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?



Maybe easier to look at the Saved column in the daily Detailed View -

Thanks @bankstownbloke

Saved is useful but I prefer to think in terms of kWh rather than $, especially when comparing to other measurements (eg consumption and import) that are in kWh

Is there a way of getting imported into a parameter? Then I’m good.



The imported amount is also shown in the Detailed View.

Thanks - I had seen that and am looking at it when I need to see something.

However what I really want to be able to do is create a new Extended Data element that contains a calculation that uses the Imported value … and I cannot see if there is a way to do that or not

It can be done with 2 parameters with the following steps -

  • Setup parameters for import power and energy, note the highlighted options -


  • Create Extended Data Rule
    • if(v4 >= 0 && v4 > v2) v9 = v2 - v4

The rule will record import power to (v9) when consumption exceeds generation.

The v10 options will convert power to energy.

This will result in the following extended data graph -


Note that the extended data rule will only trigger when some extended data is received.

To make this work, in the hourly Fronius Log push either Voltage_DC_String_1 or Current_DC_String_1

  • froniuspost.jsp?v7=Current_DC_String_1

In the table the ‘SAVED’ value is in cents. However if you tap the graph the value ‘SAVED’ will be visible in kWh.

In our system the directly consumed amount is GENERATED - EXPORTED = SAVED.

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