Buy CT Clamps CC ENVIR


anyone know where to buy a CT clamp from? one of mine rattles . i connected two to the same wire and it reads at around 70% compared to the non rattly one

i found a whole device for £30 but they dont ship to australia


Hi. Currentcost are still selling off their old stock on ebay:

You could ask if they’ll ship to Australia. If not let me know and I can buy and ship to you from the UK. P&P would be £8. :slight_smile:


cheers, i checked and searched everything. but only founds 1 generic one. that looks like the older CT clamps with the red (like i have)

clicking on there ebay user id shows they are not selling anything else or doesn’t show since they don’t appear to post to Australia.

i have found a generic one for $22, £12.23 so if they cant ship it directly i might have to try the generic one. as the £8 postage would make it a little expensive. cheers for the offer though