Buy CT Clamps CC ENVIR

anyone know where to buy a CT clamp from? one of mine rattles . i connected two to the same wire and it reads at around 70% compared to the non rattly one

i found a whole device for £30 but they dont ship to australia

Hi. Currentcost are still selling off their old stock on ebay:

You could ask if they’ll ship to Australia. If not let me know and I can buy and ship to you from the UK. P&P would be £8. :slight_smile:

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cheers, i checked and searched everything. but only founds 1 generic one. that looks like the older CT clamps with the red (like i have)

clicking on there ebay user id shows they are not selling anything else or doesn’t show since they don’t appear to post to Australia.

i have found a generic one for $22, £12.23 so if they cant ship it directly i might have to try the generic one. as the £8 postage would make it a little expensive. cheers for the offer though

I bought 10 of these from the UK to here in Australia. I have used the ones I need (just 4), and have 6 free. When I built my system I did not know the black brick battery sensors can read three separate circuits from each device, hence the need for more 10mm CT sensor’s. If anyone needs them, i’m not looking to make money, just cover their cost.

I ended up just buying some other clamps. I tried drilling out the inside to fit the pin and it worked ok but ended up and soldered the correct plug on the end. Worked a treat

I have two new unused Current Cost units you can have still in the boxes they came from… You pay postage and they are yours.