Bug on monthly display target bar


There’s a bug on the monthly display target bar.

I noticed it a few days ago. My monthly target bar was showing 94% - it was a miserable January and February, but March was good, and I’m above target for March.

Later that day my monthly target clicked up to 95% and I wondered what it’d be at the end of the day, expecting 95% or possibly 96%. Imagine my surprise what it showed 93%.

The problem seems to be in calculating the number of days. I live in the UK, today is 30th March - that’s day 90. It says day 90 until about 2 p.m. when it suddenly becomes day 91. So it seems it’s based on the date/time in Australia.

I’m not sure if this is fixable as the page code is generated on the server and will use the server date rather than the client date.

My knowledge of javascript is not that great. Is this bug fixable or even known about ?

Not sure if I explained that well enough so here are some screen shots.

This screen shot shows 96% target with 194.491kWh generated.

Later in the day, this screen shot shows only 94% target but with more generated.




The target bar now uses your system timezone to determine the number of elapsed days for the year. This year is also a leap year with an extra day in Feb. This is also now accounted for in the target bar calculation.



I can confirm that it is all working OK (and as I expected) now.