Broken Data - Power


Hi Guys,

I’ve just noticed recently there seems to be chunks of the day where power side of things is not recording
on pvoutput. I’ll see the data perhaps, then an hour later it’ll update and literally removes it usually for 15 minutes of time
or somethings 1hour +

I haven’t got any rules setup for the power side that would determine this 0 level, just the solar side for night.

Anyone who has encountered this, any help would be greatly appreciated .


There has been some updates to the Efergy downloader to see if it improves things.


Seems to be slightly better, but I’m still getting data that it’s missing, seemed to start losing it after 5 hours exactly of consistency uploading every 10 minutes.


Also, is there a way to have it apply an average result to all the blank areas?


I have a feeling it’s something to do with one of the transmitters. Notice the solar transmitter of the efergy never misses any data, yet the transmitter for the power consumption does. The two transmitters, the power grid one is the newest from the hub product, the solar transmitter is an old one I used with another efergy product, I wouldn’t have thought this would cause any issues anyway, data is both perfect via the site.


This has been fixed, the missing consumption data points have now been filled in.

The issue was PWER_SUB was used as the consumption key which did not work correctly with the Efergy history data.