Bogus event every morning

Hi All,
I am using node red to push my solar/power events to Pvoutput.
I am having an issue where every morning there is an event 24h+ 11:59pm in the future that shows the day before energy reading.
Image attached to depict.
I thought it may have been a timing issue while sending V1 so I re-configured and I no longer even send V1 so PVoutput is calculating the daily energy but the same thing occurs!
Any Ideas ?

A data point would only appear if it has been sent, somehow the uploading script is recording a reading for 11:55PM and sending it.

It didnt do it today, not sure why but hopefully its fixed itself… as I mentioned though I wasnt sending V1 “Energy” which had me at a loss… also in my experience I would have expected PVoutput to have returned an invalid time back to my node-red server with a timestamp being almost 24h into the future for my specified time zone…
Anyway… see how it goes.