Blocked from uploads?

About 2 years back, after I moved to another place I reinstalled my PVoutput logging (sun profit) Unfortunatly it didn’t work, I donated trough the website and hoped it helped (I had a few decommissioned sites) It didn’t work :frowning:

Yesterday I installed a different brand of inverter, an ABB and setup Aurora Monitor. With this, it still didn’t work. After that I removed my account and made another one. Everything started right away!

My questions are:

  • How can I see why my account didn’t work?
  • When I donated again, will my account be blocked again soon?
  • How can I prevend this from happening again?

Zonkuik - Sorry about the issues you had, but your donation status has nothing to do with your ability to upload data. If you had an issue, you should have asked for help. It’s a bit discourteous to the rest of us for your first post to insinuate that the developer is just in this to steal your money.

If you would like some help, maybe add a bit more info to your post rather than just “It didn’t work”


Hi Pjschaffer,

On my new account i also donated. I tried to contact the developing party behind PVOutput, but there is no contact to be found easily…

Easiest way to test is via a web browser, the server will respond with an error message, if any.

If the above works then there is an issue with the configuration, data or bug in the script you’re using.

As @pjschaffer mentioned, the donation status does not affect uploads, other than how old the data.

First test with a web browser to see if your api key and system id is correct and check the logs of your script.