Bitdefender AV Free Edition blocks access to

Hi, I recently started getting ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE when accessing via any browser.
Tried everything and found that Bitdefender AV Free was causing this.
When I disable Bitdefender or add to the exlusion list, it works again.
PS always kept working on that same PC.

When I disable Bitdefender it also works, showing a certificate
CN = R3
O = Let’s Encrypt
C = US

I can’t add much to this, other than to say that I am also suffering the same issue

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Looks like a bitdefender issue -

Check and see if Bitdefender AV Free has a “white list” which it will permit to run unimpeded.

The OP said he’d whitelisted which fixed his issue, and it worked for me too. Just wondering why, of all the secure sites I visit, it is the only one that Bitdefender Free seems to have issues with?