Better data cable for Current cost envi

I have 2 cables and they seem to be rather unreliable having the “Prolific” chip set. Does anyone know of a cable that has a better chip set and driver which would do the same job? I noticed some like “FTDI USB to RJ45 fit for Cisco Console Cable Windows 8, 7, Vista MAC Linux RS232” which has the right plumbing connections but I don’t know if the pin allocations are suitable etc - beyond my skills! Any thoughts?

Used the Prolific cable for 3 years or so and they were always
having problems connecting, finally decided to get a Energyhive Hub
and since I don’t need the computer on to upload data and it’s rock
solid I know my system is up and reporting.

Thanks for this Augarry. Is this all I need to get data into PVOUTPUT or do I need to have something in between like a subscription to somewhere?

I actually update 3 streams - 2 from current cost and one direct from my inverter via it’s bluetooth, but (if Energyhive will handle 3 streams?) I could simply put a cc clamp on my inverter output to monitor production, usage and my third stream is gas consumption.
Do you think this would work?.

I’ve been using the Current Cost for many years to measure and upload consumption and extended values of individual circuits to PVOutput and has been working without problems; however I recently broke my original CurrentCost USB Cable (which I admit had driver issues over the years with Windows 10 but was manageable), However every new cable I’ve tried to use I am constantly getting 0 values uploaded to PVOutput which is incorrect. I guess maybe it’s time to replace the whole system with something else… does anyone have any recommendation for a 200-amp service and at least 6+ circuits to individually monitor. Ideally all of this should be uploaded automatically to PVOuput without the need for a computer and PVIntegrationService running on said computer to upload the data. Ideally what ever I purchase should be a one time cost and not a subscription service… I have Enphase Inverters by the way if that makes any difference. Located in the USA.

The only system I have seen recently which allows for such detailed monitoring of individual systems is Curb. You can get the info here:
It is not inexpensive, however, and is available from
Another system is eMonitor. You can investigate that system here:

im using the standard cable and having no issues

I guess I’m curious what the Energyhive Hub does when paired with an existing Current Cost system, I haven’t been able to find an original cable to replace the original one I broke; $100 later between 4+ cables I still not 100% back and working

The Energyhive pairs with the transmitters in switch board which are accessed on the energyhive site which finds your units ip and that’s about it other than configuring each input (lots of instructions from aussiehomeenergy) so you can still watch your home screen or just switch them off and monitor them on PVOutput.

I bought 2 cables when i got the device 1 still brand new but i have no idea where it is

Hi there. Not sure if I should start a new thread or just add to this one but I have a similar issue and was wondering if anyone has advice. I currently upload my solar production via my bluetooth sma inverter and its working fine but I really want to upload usage as well. I have had some Envir Current Cost units for a while which I tried to set up a while ago but had issues due to being on three phase and one clamp measuring what I was putting back into the grid as usage. I have since had some electrical work done and got the electrician to put clamps on where I thought I needed them. I now have 2 clamps on 2 of the phases coming in and then on the last phase as my solar exports on this phase (according to the electrician) I have placed another 4 clamps on the “delivery” side of the fuses to any circuit using this phase. (I hope that makes sense) Anyway I now have 6 clamps feeding into 2 transmitters supplying data to 2 inside monitors which I figure will tell me my total household usage if I can get something to combine the 2 usage amounts. I currently have one older style (white) usb to rj45 cable and have tried setting up a raspberry pi with this USB to rj45 cable from one of the inside monitor units but didn’t have any luck and am now getting no readings on this monitor. (hopefully and easy fix? repairing?) But anyway I was wondering if it is possible to plug in 2 usb to rj45 cables into the raspberry pi to collect the total usage from all 6 clamps? And if so where can I get another (or possibly 2) suitable cables? Or alternatively am I better off binning everything and starting again with something else?

I have just decommissioned my CC Envir as my solar inverter does what I need.
I know where one cable is. And sure I have a second somewhere.
I have 1 unit and 2 transmitters and one clamp.
Could possibly sell the lot of you were interested…

I always found my transmitter dropped out if I lost readings. Check it’s still connected.

Can you draw a picture how is connected?

Did it stop working when you connected the cable or done the clamps?

With some help from a legend of a guy in Tasmania (Thanks Mark) I think i have it worked out or at least well on the way to having it worked out. It turns out that i could pair the 2 transmitters to the one receiver unit so then I only needed the single USB to RJ45 cable to get the combined usage from the one receiver unit getting it from these 2 transmitters. (I haven’t actually checked I am getting all the usage figures yet but am definately getting some readings for usage so hopefully its all the clamps and not just 3 of them from one transmitter!)
My usage readings are now uploading to PVOutput like I wanted and I am attempting to migrate my solar uploading to the same raspberry pi so i can stop having to run my computer 24/7.
Thanks for your reply though B-Man but hopefully now no longer need another cable and actually have another 2 complete Envir Current Cost units with single clamps, about 4 extra clamps and a spare receiver unit myself!! Once I have it all worked out and am positive its all working as its supposed to I might look at selling all the spares I have myself so someone else can have as much fun as I did setting it all up!.. LOL :slight_smile: :slight_smile: