Best smart meter to output to pvoutput


Well I have 2 inverters a sungrow and a fox ess.

The fox ess does not support pvoutput.

So I’m looking to monitor those 2 (either seperatly or combined) as well as consumption and feed in.

Either via ct’s or inline.

Any ideas?


Does the Fox ESS have any sort of API support? If so you could query it directly and upload the data to PVOutput. This of course would only provide you with PRODUCTION data, but it’s a start.


Probably best with an external third-party monitor that clips onto the cables.
I used to use two Efergy monitors - one for consumption, one for solar generation.
Not super-dooper accurate (+/- 10% or so) but much better than nothing at all.
(don’t know where in the world you are, but its here if you’re in Australia.

PVO supports auto-collection from Efergy.


If you are in USA, is a good choice as PVOutput can integrate with it well. The older version which I have is still working but does not download voltage info. This new version might.


The CT solution would need to be able to measure the flow of electricity in BOTH directions - So as to distinguish between the IMPORT & EXPORT of electricity from the grid.


In my situation of 2 generation, 1 consumption and 1 net CT, I simply specify the net CT as a consumption minus generation CT in PVOutput under “edit System” settings for example : Consumption MTUs:10A47E+10A297-10399E . I have not figured what to do if I had a battery backup as it seems that battery backup can be seen as consumption (charging) or generation (discharging).


pls refer to this:
it can not integrate with pvoutput directly, but you can use the local api to get the data and the demo py to post the data to pvoutput.

Both one phase and three phase meter are bi-directional, you can measure the to-grid and from-grid energy simultaneously.