Best Android App?

Hi guys,

Just setting up my pvoutput account - which are the Android apps of preference? There seem to be a bunch - two of them even called PV Output. Screen shot attached.

Looking for a good look and feel, normal ins and outs, but also looking for a daily calc based on kWh uploaded by FiT, and cost of supplied power - it looks like Mark McDonalds PV Output does that (and more) - should I look any further?


I’ve found to work pretty well, which is the first one in that screenshot.

However, I don’t believe it shows you the cost of supplied energy.

I downloaded the one by Mark McDonald AU which seems to be working well, but I only downloaded it two minutes ago :slight_smile: I am glad someone created this!

what is the name of that app please?

Pvoutput is the Android app

I use PVOUTPUT PLUS. Easy and smooth, not too much information.