Battery Support

I’ve got a Battery with my PV and offen charge it at 7.5p but on my PV Page it shows am in neavtive £60 on some pages whic his just incorrect as i charged at 7p the day before on the batteyr???

Tariffs are only based on consumption and generation rates, it doesn’t take battery charging into consideration.

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Include the battery import in your consumption data to resolve that issue. That’s what I’ve been doing.

The only issue I have is accounting for any instantaneous export which exceeds generation as PVO doesn’t allow/recognise that as a valid situation. All suggestions welcome!

Bumping this issue.

The issue is that PVOuput assumes a two-port model of generation and grid, a third “port” is needed in the model to accommodate battery storage and recognise battery energy, for example if there is export after sunset. Although including battery import in consumption fixes part of the problem, battery export to grid is not correctly accounted for.