Battery showing up as consumption

I have read all the topics around battery flow showing up as consumption, thereby incorrectly calculating the daily cost.

I have setup the V7 credit rates in the rates
I have setup the V7 extended data as a Credit
I am still unable to negate the battery flow as a charge.

I have a power wall 2 setup on time of use. The battery discharges during peak, and charges in off peak from the grid or solar.

I have changed multiple values in the V7 Extended data and only manage to increase the daily cost, not reduce it.

Can you show the $$$ screenshot?
Have you recalculated the figures?

With my extended data that was divide by 1000 I had to change it to 0.03619 cents. But ended up having v12 calculate the energy of v7 with summary as last, tariff calculation as summary and use that $ figure as it didn’t like doing it correctly as v7.