Batch Status API and export / net values

Currently I have my Fronius Inverter setup to do automatic push every 5 minutes live, and that’s working great.

I don’t currently have live consumption / export monitoring, but I do have that data available next day via Powershop. This is net export / import data.

I am working on a script that’ll a) spread the 30 minute slices I get from Powershop into 5 minute slices to match generation and b) upload using the Batch Status API. I would like the net data I add at the end of the day to be combined with the generation data that’s already there to derive consumption, however it looks like the Batch Status API doesn’t support the “net” feature that the single status API has.

Is what I’m trying to achieve possible? If not, is it possible to add that feature?

Net data isn’t support with Add Batch Status, it would need to be uploaded separately via Add Status.

This feature may be added in the future.

@yakman37 I am trying to do the same thing but from a United Energy source.

I only get 60 minute KW/H intervals, and use the KW value from that to set the 5 minute intervals IN and OUT net values for that hour to the KW value. (I understand that 1kw/h energy use, does not mean I was using 1Kw every minute for that hour, but it’s all I got)

It is very painful as I send up 24*12=288 messages in an hour to set these values… plus the 12 from the normal upload from my inverter makes me hit the 300 limit in that hour.

@bankstownbloke, could we please have ‘net’ added to the batch status API? It Would make life easier…


Net data is now supported with Add Batch Status

e.g. Export 50W then Import 60W


Please observe the following limitations with net data in a batch -

  • All net statuses in the batch must have the same date.
  • A net status must have export and import data, 0W should be sent if no export/import is to be recorded.

Awesome! Thanks for that!



I just checked the documentation (here) for the ‘add net batch import’, and and it appears the example for is missing the ‘n=1’ parameter in the example:

From the doco:

curl -d “data=20180403,10:00,-1,100,-1,0;20180403,10:05,-1,0,-1,100” -H “X-Pvoutput-Apikey: Your-API-Key” -H “X-Pvoutput-SystemId: Your-System-Id”



Thanks for picking that up - documentation updated.

I need your help.
I make program that send data to PVOutput with curl. The online data does not appear but the
system accepts with: OK 200: Added Output status.
The commands:
curl -d “d=20180424” -d “v1=1046129” -d “v2=337569” -d “t=14:10” -d “v5=27.9234” -H “X-Pvoutput-Apikey: …” -H “X-Pvoutput-SystemId: 58626”
curl -d “d=20180424” -d “g=1046129” -d “e=1046128” -d “pp=337569” -d “pt=14:10” -H “X-Pvoutput-Apikey: …” -H “X-Pvoutput-SystemId: 58626”

I can see only one data in “Your Output” screen, but Live Outputdoes not list my systems.

Thanks in advance,

v1 and v2 are used in Add Status (5-minute) rather than Add Output (end of day).

The values for v1 and v2 are also too large and will be discarded during processing.

  • v1 = Energy up to the timestamp for that day, i.e. t=0:00 v1=0
  • v2 = Power at the point in time


I modify may program to v1 and v2 values send every 5 minutes, but the Add Output (g,e,pp) only send at end of day.

Thanks in advance,