Bad Request 400 at 00:05hrs until 06:00hrs

I am uploading my data to the API from a node red http request node. It had been working fine for weeks, I am now a paid up user and send extended data and since then I have a problem. At 00:05hrs I start getting the Bad request 400 error and then it all starts working again at about 07:00hrs.I have been sending data at 60 second intervals. Nothing changes my end between these times. I am probably doing something wrong, any help welcome. Thank you sid = 71264

Hi try changing to 5 min time may be too many API calls per day from the red node

Check the error message, it may be Moon Power errors, i.e. sending too high generation values during the night till dawn.

Hi @bankstownbloke Yes I think it may be Moon Power because I was uploading as v1 my daytime energy generation and the power stored in my battery which was discharging over night, I am now sending -1 as v1 and just uploading v2 which is my panels live output. I guess what I was doing was wrong.
Thanks for your help

Hi Thank you for your help, I think that in donation mode you can up load 60 requests per hour, but I will also try 5 mins. (12 requests/hour)
Thanks again

I have the same problem with an Error 400 from midnight until, typically, 07h00. However, it sometimes starts working earlier than that, but there is no pattern. The problem started on 22/06/2022.

These validation errors will occur when the generation sent is considered too high for the system size and time of the day.

Best to check what is being sent for either energy or power.