Axis scaling ist not correct

actually i set my axis Layers for the extended Page like this:

the help says

but this is the result

the axis on the left side is not the axis number 0

what s wrong?

and how can i cancel all axis labels because they are useless to me?

And layer 0 is not Energy consumption

I have had issues with what displays overtop of the other but the left and right axis works fine for me.

how about changing v11 to axis 0?

It’s to far back, it’s the first layer down and you didn’t see it realy.

I want to see it on top under the v12.

It seems there is more miracle in the scaling

I started with 6900W for Power Used and on the Live Page it s ok.

i change to the Extenden Page and the Power Used Line is also ok but the v11 Line (Akku Charging) starts a little under the Power Line but it s 6000W at this moment and should have the sames scaling.

now i zoom in and Reset the zoom with the Button, then the graphs are equal as they should but the scaling is now to 7000W an both starts not on the Top until the next Reload or Refresh

If i start both Graphs with 6000W, the Powerline extends the scaling to 7000 on the Live Page but not at the extenden Page.

Its a current limitation since the overlays are not considered part of the extended data.

The graph is expecting axis 0 for left and axis 1 for right in v7 to v12 only.

The axis arrangement has been fixed to use the lowest axis number configured on the left (e.g. 0) and the second lowest on the right (e.g. 1)