Average Power Graph Absent



I’ve only just noticed that the Average Power is not being plotted for my system. I checked inside ‘Customise’ and I can confirm that ‘No Average Power’ it NOT selected. Therefore I guess it should be plotted.

I do not recall ever seeing Average Power being plotted for my system [ 60955 ]. Is there something that I need to enable? The data do appear under ‘Average’.



Average power is calculated from energy and it is identical to the power being submitted for the system.


Thanks… In retrospect that should have been obvious :blush:


Not entirely true if you upload energy(v1) and power(v2) and you’re logged in. The Generation graph is Ok, both power and avg power are in the graph. The All graph only contains power which does not necessarily has to be the same as the Average power. It also displays consumption etc.
When i logout i see the power and average power fine in the All graph, but no consumption as it’s private.