Average output now an integer


The “Average” column in the PV Ladder used to be a floating point, now the output is an integer… Could we go back to a float?



The average is still displayed as a ‘float’ to 4 digits when it is less than 0.1 kWh, but from 0.1kWh and greater the decimal positions are dropped - seems to be a display formatting change rather than the representation.
I agree - the same formatting as for the ‘efficiency’ column, or maybe to three significant figures instead of four, would be useful.


There should be 3 decimals for averages under 100kWh and 1 decimal for under 1MWh


Thanks - there is now, I see average displayed as 26.657 kWh/day now. But three days ago, I could swear it was displaying as integer 26 . Bizarre!


Yep, it was out be a bit, but since fixed.