Average generation has strange values regularly

Hi, i noticed a strange behavior in my generation data. Watching the live graph i can see average generation having some “waves” everytime hour changes (you can find waves at 10:00, 11:00, etc…).
Waves in graph are always the same, the day i checked is 03/08/2022 and it was a perfectly sunny day (you can see no drops in istantaneous generation line).

The fact that waves are always the same makes me think there is some software issue somewhere.

For uploading data i use an old Android 5 smartphone running Oxley Solar Pro. The smartphone is connected to my SMA inverter via bluetooth.

Here a link to my system: Scasa 4.000kW

Don’t look power usage because i was testing my arduino board (i’m planning to use it for updating consumption)


Other than some dips late in the day, the curve looks normal for 03/08/22.

PVOutput doesn’t change the generation data received from API requests performed by the Oxley Solar app.

Thank you for these informations, tomorrow i’ll try to connect to my inverter using a PC (i installed the SMA utility software).

Yesterday i tried using Felix Solar App and i received some strange values again.

I suspect there is something wrong about the inverter time, generation average is maybe wrong due to colliding times (inverter and smartphone).