Autoscale upon unselecting data

Is it possible to have the graphs auto scale to what is shown when certain data is temporarily hidden, and also show the axis labels for all? See below for the examples I have tested. I know I can have them on separate axis, but that runs into the suggestion about adding all the labels for the plot axis.

If I am missing something please let me know.

This is all on one chart showing all data:

This is all on one chart with the two unselected (notice it doesnt autoscale the remaining)

When I place them on separate axis, the labels on the side only show one of them on left and right.

Here only the garage sub is selcted but the beginning high watts around 87 and ends low around 80

To add a note, the auto scale feature does work perfectly when viewing the data in daily mode with the bars, not the live view.

On the live graphs, the range is expanded as new values are added via ‘auto refresh’, however when a series is hidden by clicking on the legend the new range isn’t recalculated to shrink if a series with large values is removed.

The daily graph doesn’t have this issue since the data is static.

Changed to an ‘idea’ for potential enhancement.

Thank you, i didn’t know if I was missing something, changing it to an idea is a great… idea :slight_smile: