Automatic Upload Rules Syntaxes


Does anyone have a list of available syntaxes for the rules? I am trying to implement a rule in automatic uploads that is triggered ad a certain time (not on the hour. e.g. implement at 18:45.

Can anyone help here as the manual is quite thin on instructions?


To execute at exactly 18:45 -

if (hour = 18 && minute = 45) power = 100

However, using an exact time won’t always work as the Auto Uploader is not guaranteed to run at exact 5-minute intervals.

Alternately, if time is between 18:45 and 18:50 inclusive - set power to 150W

if (hour = 18 && (minute >= 45 && minute <= 50)) power = 150

Rule syntax is that of Java -


Thanks for that - exactly what I needed.

That does beg the question - is there any list of variable names that can be used?


The available variables are listed in the section

  • power - the raw power value in watts
  • hour - hour of the day (0-23)
  • minute - minute of the hour (0-59)
  • out - true if the direction is solar
  • in - true if the direction is consumption


Thanks for the help. Should have checked the manual more closely!


I am now trying to adjust the calibration for power consumption to match the meter. I tried the following…

if (power <= 150) power=0; else power = power*0.95-140

It seems to pass the test when I load it but the site doesn’t seem to act on it.

My structure is as follows…

Beaglehome - Solar recording plus aggregation of 3 load channels (Consumption 1, 2, 3)

I put the above rule in Consumption 1, 2 & 3

Any idea of what I am doing wrong?