Automatic upload from Smappee to PVOutput - Newbie needs help


First post here and completely new to PVOutput. I have a Smappee and have been reading its outputs on the Smappee web interface and Android app… all working OK.

Have registered and created a new system in PVOutput. But I can’t get my Smappee data to upload.

On the main settings page:
System shows as active
I currently have the API enabled - but have also tried it as disabled

Screenshot of settings follows

Can anyone help? I can’t find much detail in the relevant FAQ/Help pages on Smappee or here… or with google.


The Smappee settings are correct, there are some non-standard characters in the password.

Try editing the system and clicking on Save.


This isn’t required when using the Auto Uploader.


That’s fixed it… changed the Smappee password so no non-standard characters.

Now to explore the other settings.

Much appreciated bankstownbloke!


Hi Dave
Im stuck on getting a token, do I have to?
How do i do a HTTP Message?

Is Secret Client the token code?

I really need some help!!!

Client id looks like 1007500xxxxxx this the ID they are talking about?


From memory, you can get the client ID and the client secret from

Not sure what you mean about the http message or the token


They emailed me, and apparently for a small ongoing fee I can get it from Smappee $$$$


That’s no good! Was free when I got set up for Smappee upload to PVOutput.

Maybe because I was a Smappee Kickstarter backer.


$5.00 per month for 24 months. The price for their units and plugs have gone through the roof.