Automatic upload from SMA inverter


I’ve been using PVOutput for about 18 months and during that time it’s been very reliable, I can’t speak for backup and recovery and what the long term viability of the site is though.

I use SBFspot and this stores data in a local database on the Pi. You could back that up to some cloud storage but you’d need something else to query and present the data. I’ve not investigated this so can’t say if such a thing already exists.



Thing is, for offline storage you need a disk, and heck, cloud storage is pretty much still free for RPi.
I connected my deaf, dumb and blind Kaco 3502xi to the internet with a microcontroller coincidentally named Photon.
It uploads data to a Google Sheet and PVO. I don’t expect to, but I could easily move data from Google to some other site if I needed to, and that data is as private as I want it to be. By the way, you can choose not to share data on PVO, that’s an option in your settings.


@Enepa, I have two SMA’s and use SBFSpot - works really good to upload production.



Just got SBFspot working on RPI, but have discovered that the SMA 20000TL presents itself as two separate BT devices with different SNs of 10KW each.

Can you share how you managed to get more than one set of SBFspot data out to PVOutput? The SBFspot manual only really covers a single inverter setup.

I’ve tried adding the second BT address in the SBFSpot.cfg, but after that, the SMAData CSV only contains the data from the first BT device listed. You can see the SN change partway down the file:

I also changed the MIS_enabled to 1, but this didn’t seem to do anything.

I had added the second inverter ID in the SBFspotUpload.cfg, but I suspect that this is only going to do something if the first stage of data collection is working correctly.

It looks like the SQL DB might have both of them:


FWIW, the developer gave the following instruc tions which worked:

create 2 config files. Each config has its proper BT address and plantname.
Call SBFspot twice with each config:
SBFspot -v -cfg2110564778.cfg
SBFspot -v -cfg2110563802.cfg

For the daemon config, enter the 2 serial numbers with PVoutput System ID’s


I completed the wiki with this info


I just installed a SMA SB5.0-1SP-US-40 and would like to upload to my PVoutput account.
I’m a bit confused. This inverter does not have bluetooth. It has Ethernet and WiFi. I’m connected via Ethernet.
I’ll run this on a Raspberry Pi which doesn’t have Bluetooth either. It will have LAN access to the inverter.
I don’t understand why Bluetooth? Do I need Bluetooth?


You need bluetooth to be able to compile sbfspot.


I understand the requirement of bluetooth to compile but what about this:
Following configuration options have to be modified – The others can keep their default values.

BTAddress : Bluetooth address of device closest to Raspberry Pi (Use hcitool scan to find it)
If you have more than one inverter, each inverter should have the same NetID > 1 and Config option MIS_Enabled=1
:exclamation: Make sure to disable IP_Address with # in front.

There are no BT devices, should I just ignore this section?


Yes, disable btaddress with # in front.
Use ip_address instead


Thanks for all your help.
It looks like it’s working!


I’ve installed this on Windows. It appears to have uploaded data once initially only. The service is running OK. How do I configure it to obtain data and upload it at regular intervals?


Has this changed in between? Can we go via this German site to PVOutput so that no software on a local PC is needed? Or can the script not be put on a PVOutput server??