Auto-upload ginlong data from ginlong-wifi

I have got ginlong-wifi running on a Rasp Pi, capturing my data from my Solis 3.6-DT-DC inverter each 6 minutes.

Is there a script (bash, python etc) to automatically upload this data to ?


There isn’t anything readily available, but the script may be modified to pass the ‘timestamp’, ‘watt_now’ and ‘kwh_day’ values written to file to also send to PVOutput Add Status API as ‘t’, ‘v2’ and ‘v1/1000’

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Thank you, I see what you mean.

I’ll have a play around with it, I think I understand bash just enough to see if I can tweak the script and call the API using curl.

I came across ginlong-scraper which scrapes the site for stats and has an option to upload to pvoutput

I haven’t tried it out yet, just mentioning here in case it’s useful to other people.

I’ve built on the ginlong-python scripts to do what I was looking for, and forked it on github:

Has been running on my Raspberry Pi for a week or so now and working OK!

Thanks for this interesting information!

Hi. I have auto been uploading. Data for years via a PowerOne aurora monitoring on a windows pc. Worked perfectly. I have just got 2 new Solis inverters and teally need some help to auto upload incrementally to pvo. Unfortunately I have no idea about GitHub or scripts so is there any Windows or Android apps that can dump the data into dropbox or similar then i can have PVO pick it up from there? Tjisnis what i have been dpimg in the past with Aurora communicator.