Auto Refresh Doesn't Work

Auto refresh has never worked for me.
I have always had to refresh it manually.

The help topic says it will refresh every 15 minutes and 5 minutes if I donate.
I have donated, and still the page doesn’t auto refresh.

My ad blocker is completely disabled for PVOutput.
Any ideas?

Thank you.

Windows 10 64-bit

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Please post a link to the page that isn’t refreshing.

The Refresh Off link appears below the graph on a page that is auto-refreshing.

Welcome to the site,
in the center of your live page in Blue is a row of things you can alter ,starting with live page, please go to the far right of this line to Auto Refresh OFF thats what you want showing, for the page to auto refresh Jim


Which setting am I looking for?


Here is the link to the page that isn’t auto refreshing.
Can you please show me what I have to click on?

Live | Daily | Weekly | Monthly | Yearly | Analyse | Map | Favourite | Download | Insolation | Customise | Minimise | Refresh Off this is on the live screen,auto Refresh Off is what you want No on jim

How do I get that Refresh button?

Edit: OK, I worked it out. It’s a different link. A bit confusing.

Thank you.

I don’t find the auto refresh to work very consistently.
It is very hit and miss for me.

Seems to be the Your Outputs daily page, which doesn’t refresh.

You’ll need to click on one of the date links to show the 5-minute live data. This is the page that auto refreshes.

I’m using Daily Production here.
It does auto refresh sometimes, but it is very intermittent.

What date link are you suggesting to click on?

On Your Outputs page, on the table listing. Each date links to the individual ‘Daily Production’ page you’ve linked above.

This depends on how often the data is available from the inverter.