API not giving correct low value

When requesting values from the API i’m seeing that the values under 10 not displaying the correct values.


The datatable shows the following value.
29/12/19 08:50 0.000kWh 0.000kWh/kW 2,797W 2,797W 0.499kW/kW -1.8C 238.3V 4.510kWh 488W

Which value are you referring to?

The data is from the power column.

verocom - I’m guessing you are in a European country, where ‘,’ is used as a decimal point?

2797 and 2,797 are both representations of ‘two thousand, seven hundred and ninety seven’ almost 3000 watts. The number 2,797 is not a fractional digit slightly less than 3 Watts, which would be shown instead as ‘2.797’ in this system.
Does that help?

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