API getoutput.jsp has some time offset until it returns yesterday's data

Up to at least 6:30 GMT+2, it returns day before yesterday’s values:

# Date/Time: 2024/04/12 06:30:00 (GMT+2)

Around 7:30 GMT+2, it begins to return yesterday’s values:

# Date/Time: 2024/04/12 07:30:00 (GMT+2)

Took me a while to find out why the values in the DB I’m dumping this into were offset by a day - as long as I fetched the data at 01:00 GMT +2

According to web UI, my data is basically always up to date, so there’s no delay from that end.
Not a big deal, but any idea why it behaves that way?

Seems odd, try without “dt” or just “limit=2” which would give you the last two days anyway.

Omitting the df and dt params doesn’t make a difference - still returns day before yesterday values at 01:30:00 (GMT+2) - at position 0 of the return array:

# Date/Time: 2024/04/17 01:30:00 (GMT+2)
['20240417,11949,2.526,11949,0,4956,13:55,Mostly Cloudy,26,60,0,0,0,0', '20240418,13450,2.844,13450,0,4464,12:50,Mostly Cloudy,29,53,0,0,0,0']
# Date/Time: 2024/04/17 07:30:00 (GMT+2)
['20240418,13450,2.844,13450,0,4464,12:50,Mostly Cloudy,29,53,0,0,0,0', '20240419,66,0.014,66,0,192,07:10,Showers,28,28,0,0,0,0']

So the workaround is to take “yesterday’s values” from position 1 of the return up to X hours after midnight GMT+2.

Still IMHO a bug in the getoutput.jsp implementation.