API error from iammeter

Trying to get my pvoutput working nice after a long hiatus and installed an iammeter today.
The meter sends the data to a Docker app on my Synology NAS which sends data to PVoutput.org

Its generating this error:

[05:40:06 INF] pvoutput upload error:Bad request 400: Invalid energy value [-417105]; data:{“d”:“20220618”,“t”:“05:39”,“v1”:-417.1050,“v2”:0.0,“v3”:-441.3560,“v4”:592.0,“v6”:0.0,“n”:null,“APIKey”:“XXXX”,“SystemId”:“XXX”}

I could not find a definitive description of how v1 is used here and what number format is expected.
Its possible my data today is corrupt as its taken a bit of experimenting to get it all running nice,
Any help or pointers would be appreciated. The iammeter is pretty cool hardware and they seem to be very responsive so it would be good to work with them to resolve this once I understand whats going on.

Thanks in advance.

This is the official description for the parameter of V1
But I do not think it is clear.
This is another topic that discusses the definition of V1.I think this topic is more clear.

v1 is energy generation in watt hours.

It must be 0 or positive.