API - add Hazy to Weather Condition

Hi, an unfortunate reality is that some days we get Hazy conditions due to bush fires, dust storms, and pollution. Haze has an impact to solar output and so I suggest Hazy be added to the list of Weather Conditions.

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I agree. Currently suffering from much reduced solar generation from all the smoke from all the fires around me.

PVO auto-assigns a weather-condition based on the relative amount of energy generated. ‘partly cloudy’ is currently assigned to any day with generation of 60%-90% of estimated full output.Wondering how the system could distinguish between ‘hazy’ and ‘partly cloudy’?

My system uses a script to update conditions based on local BOM data using the API (POST) addoutput.jsp ‘cd’ parameter. Could just associate Hazy to the Not Sure condition, but it would be nice to have a Hazy condition.

Some additional conditions below, including Hazy, should be made available in the future to the PVOutput Add Output API

Partly cloudy would probably produce higher ups and downs in generation, while hazy will be constant lower output…

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The following new weather conditions are now available via the API (addoutput, getoutput) or manual update -

  • Hazy
  • Fog
  • Dusty
  • Frost
  • Storm

:+1: haha, nicely done :rofl::rofl:

Nice additions, though ‘Dusty’ is almost unknown in the UK. ‘Showers’ is too benign for us Brits - ‘Solid Rain’ is a better description! Up here, ‘Showers’ means spells of Sun and Rain - cf. ‘April Showers’.

I’ve noticed that, when uploading via bulk CSV, these new additions get translated to ‘Cloudy’. Seems to be a bug…