Anyone use or even heard of iAutomation?


Other than the manufacturers website, I can barely find any information about these meters. Not even a single Forum thread on any website about them.
I’m just wondering if anyone else has seen/heard of or use these meters?
Manufacturer: iAutomation
Model: netMeter 4500
Model Number: netMeter4500-P-EM+I/O

We have an aged care village with approximately 100 free standing dwelling (all built 2013).
All 100 of these dwellings are fitted with so called Smart Power Meters, instead of the regular meters provided by normal power providers. That’s because we, as an organisation, act as the power provider and feed off of the upstream energy provider. We gather the readings via our complex IP networked village and formulate a bill to the residents, using an overly complex set of applications, PHP and python coding. Anyway…

Any thoughts or comments about these meters is appreciated?

P.S: These devices are starting to fail at a rapid rate for us. And at about $1000 per replacement to source and install. They are burning through our pockets.


Looked this up and did find some info on it. Checked out ebay but no go. Did find this: as possible substitute. Good luck.


Cheers mate.
It’s strange that practically no one (aside from us) uses them. We are fairly unique in our requirements and setup though.
There is solely one electrical company in our state who can source these and knows how to install and configure these meters. This electrical company is starting to take longer and longer to respond to our requests for repairs (of which we are more than happy to pay for the work and parts of course).
We’ve reached out to the manufacturer directly to see if they can qoute for the items to be sent directly to us. We’ll then work out the intricacies of installing them and find a new licences electrician to do the work.
It’s a hassle though a company has a market cornered and they choose to take forever to respond with a qoute for works.