Anyone else on Powerwall firmware 21.20.2 experiencing broken uploads?

Since my Powerwall was updated to the lastest firmware my uploads have stopped. Anyone else? I’m using ekul135/Powerwall2PVOutput as my app - does anyone else have an alternative that works with the lastest firmware update?

This looks like the recent problem whereby the Powerwall doesn’t respond properly if you make the request using the domain name of the device. Try using its IP address instead.

I’m using the IP address - so that isn’t the problem. It seems that the latest firmware update has wifi issues that the Tesla support has confirmed with the history of my Powerwall. I’ve requested to Tesla support to roll back the firmware version and it seems to have fixed the issue. Fingers crossed - will see after a period of time.

Hmmm… I have both Wired and WiFi connection to my Tesla gateway so I tested it using the IP addresses of my WiFi connection and the LAN connection in Both worked. I’m on 21.20.2.

Normally, I just get my Gateway figures using a curl script. I had to modify that to use the IP addresses when 21.20.2 was installed, but apart from that, it still works.

Just to be sure, I set up and tried that with both wired and wireless IP addresses and both worked.

Yes, it does work for a period of time (varied between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours). It has been rock solid since the rollback - for about 2 days now.

BTW - you don’t need to test beyond just a browser connection - that would also show the problem with a wifi connection after a period of time.

I’m not seeing any issues since 21.20.2 Powerwall firmware update.

I’m using the PVOutput Integration Service - Service Integration — PVOutput documentation - to upload my PW data.

Are you using wifi or ethernet as your connection? Do you have the first Gateway or the one they are currently installing?

It turns out it isn’t the software causing the problem. It is disconnecting from the Gateway.

I have failed to reproduce your problem with either with Powerwall2PVOutput or with a browser.

I’ll ask the same question as above - are you on the original gateway or a more recent one?

Original gateway - rectangular grey box.

The one that doesn’t have a pin hole reset?

No, it does have the reset hole.

Then you are on the same version as I am - so I can’t explain your gateway wifi working better than mine - but mine didn’t work consistently until the rollback.

Same problem, I think. On 23rd July, at 1300, the integration service mysteriously failed. No data since then, but air temperature from a met source is still working. I can upload the instantaneous Powerwall gateway data from the IP address and the login password I previously wrote into the Powerwall.ini code works fine - but no cigar. I’m stumped!

Unless it’s a dynamic IP address thing. I’ll try that.

OK, it was the dynamic IP address that changed, working now. I wish I could figure out how to set a static IP address but my BTinternet hub only seems to allow setting a global static address so I’m reluctant to initiate that in case it screws everything up. I don’t really understand what I’m doing there. Still, I know a man who can!

That isn’t my issue - static IP address is my set up.

different routers call it different things, it might be called ‘reserved address’ or something like that.
Essentially you put a mapping in the router in the DHCP section to reserve the same IP address each time mapped to the powerwall’s MAC hardware address. That way the powerwall is still using dynamic addressing, but the router hands out the same IP address each time the powerwall asks for one.

FWIW, I’m on 21.20.2 connected via Wifi, and don’t have any dropouts or missed samples

Also, the PW wifi code is (or was) fairly flaky, and if the wifi dropped out for even a short while, the PW wouldn’t reconnect to it at all when the wifi signal came back. I have several wifi basestations in a mesh system set to the same SSID/password to allow for roaming between them. But if the particular basestation that the PW2 is connected to drops out for a second, the PW2 refuses to connect to another one in range, until the PW2 was reset. This was tested a fair while ago now (before the firmware version numbers went to double-digits), and I haven’t checked to see if this behaviour has improved recently.