Anybody else having issues with the website?


Anybody else having issues with the website displaying the first composite graph for the Live page?
The graph never populates today. But each of the successive following graphs that make up the composite Live first page display normally. And none of the previous days show anything for the composite graph either.


Yes, I just posted as a problem a few minutes ago. No data is showing on live page today or any previous day. Seems to be a problem with the page. Perhaps it is being serviced at this time.

Just checked here at 4:27PM and the live graph is back.


Still missing here at 01:40 UTC. Been this way all day. No first page “Show All” on the Live pages for any date can be displayed.


Yes, same for me all day. No top page, Show All.


Hope BB can notice this thread and remedy the problem soon.


Works okay here, the browser may be caching the old page. Try ‘Shift’ reloading the page.

Best to provide a link page not displaying correctly and a screenshot is also helpful.


Tried to refresh the page numerous times. When I do the page shifts to the last page I was viewing.

This page.


You are using Chrome as well. I think we have found that Chrome is not handling the new code well. I tried Edge browser and the problem is not there everything works as expected. Bummer.


Try it in Chrome again as there was a fix applied 5 min ago.


OK, now working in both Chrome and Firefox. Thanks BB.


Hello, I see that the fonctionnality Standby disapear, normal? See you


Standby only shows now on the Consumption page. If you don’t have a meter feed to PVOutput connected you will not see it. If you have a meter feed to PVOutput you will only see it on the Consumption page.


Hello, thanks for your answer! Where is the tab consumption? I have a Iotawatt meter.

See you,



Thanks, but sorry I don’t find it :frowning:

That was very usefull


Just under the chart, is the date, sandwiched between ‘prev day’ and ‘next day’ buttons.
Under the date, are four little squares. If you move the mouse over them, they light up in colour left to right as green, yellow, red, blue - with your green one lit by default.
Click on the third (red) square. This is your ‘consumption only’ view.
Your standby value is now shown - currently showing to me as 28W.


Oh yes I see it now on the graph! Thanks

Do you think I can ask the programers of pvoutput to consider adding it like before?