Another way to monitor Solaredge, maybe others

Wish I new this earlier and only found out by luck as it doesn’t seem to be publicized. If you go to:


you can get to the commissioning interface and look at current data that updates. I went to my router and found the inverter address, but, I’m sure there are other ways.

Even better - there is already software to read that data: See

Even better better, the problem with monitoring stuff using isolated apps is that you really can’t do much witth it apart from taking up some of your day going ohhhh, I’m generating 23kW now. Using the Schneider Cbus automation one can connect the Solaredge to the network and set up a modbus TCP profile to get ALL parameters (especially if combined with the power meter to monitor what the mains are doing).

You can then start doing smart stuff like controlling the dimmers, shutting down things, alerting, etc.

But if you don’t have a SetApp SolarEdge inverter (those without display where you can just use http:// as mentioned above), you have to suck it up and learn ModBus to talk to it.
But if you want to do more that just looking at your production value without necessarily getting some expensive proprietary home automation gear, you can do things like that for just the cost of running a spare computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi):

Hello @Gertm,

Could you explain to me how to install this on a raspberry pi?
Many thanks in advance.

Not sure if these instructions are complete or the best - but I hope so…

  • Download the files from github

  • sudo apt install python3-pip mariadb-server python3-mysqldb

  • sudo pip3 install solaredge-local

  • mysql -e “create database [dbname]”

  • mysql -e "grant all on [dbname].* to ‘[dbuser]’@‘localhost’ identified by ‘[dbpasswd]’

  • mysql -u [dbuser] -p [dbname] < database.sql

  • Edit and fill in your values for dbuser,dbname,dbpasswd

  • run manually - or better add it in the /etc/crontab file