Another tab/s of extended data

any chance of adding more of those square boxes under the graph with another set of extended data?

currently i have maxed them out so i have to create another system to add other values
so to monitor water is under 1 system
monitor solar hot water is under 1 system
monitor voltage and amps is under yet another system.

Its a big change so nothing in the short to medium term.

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+1 to extra extended values.

My system has 2 PV arrays and 2 inverters in parallel, that share the load and I had to send the sum. I would like to see the power from each, in a separate graph.

Would also help to have another extended graph with calculated values from the existing v1-v12. This way you don’t need to increase the database. For example: I upload the total power production in standard and one PV array power in one extended value and calculate the second PV array power (PV2=Total-PV1). Same with the inverters.