Anomalous (apparently) Live Production graph

I am having difficulty understanding, & possibly configuring the Live Production Graph.
Yesterday [8/10/2022] the following is what PVO was showing:

While Solarweb looks like this:

And, locally, Fronius-Powermon.duckdns looks like this.

It seems to me, probably in my naivety, that the PVO graph shows consumption gradually diminishing in the afternoon; whereas the FPm & SolarWeb graphs show flat(ish) consumption in the afternoon.

  • Am I simply not understanding what the PVO graph is displaying?
  • Have I done the PVO setup incorrectly?
  • Or something else?

I had thought that I’d seen some discussion.documentation on understanding the PVO graphs but I am not able to find that now. If some kind person is able to direct me to such, I would appreciate it.

PS. Is there a better ‘category’ match for this post?

In the Fronius meter push add “&n=1” to the push setting.

This indicates net data rather than gross data is being measured by the meter.

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Thanks for that.
I had trouble working out just how to do what you have directed me to do.
I was ready to bleat about needing more detail to the direction but then I decided to RTFM a bit instead.

I’ll have a bash at it tomorrow & I’ll keep them crossed.

Best wishes . . .

how are you uploading the data???

if via the push service as stated above where you have this put in one of the fields just add &n=1 to the end without a space between…
/service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=65840&key=lotsofrandomletters9485hfdshn49r0 &n=1

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Thanks to @bankstownbloke and @B-Man & Michael Aulia of Craving Tech.
I experienced some difficulty working-out where the push settings were and how I accessed them. [It is ages since I set this up and I’ve not touched it since].
FWIW the following is a (very) detailed description of what I did. I made this so that I’d have a reference for when I need/want to change things some-time-in-the-future.
Here’s how we do it.
1. Login to the Fronius Primo inverter on the local network
1. URL:
2. Username: admin
3. Password: 0123456789
2. There should be a menu on the right of the page, if not, click the ‘Expand contents’ button on the top menu (RHS)
3. Click ‘Settings’
4. In the Settings // General window click ‘PUSH SERVICE’ in the LHS menu
◦ Name: Fronius Push to PVOutput
◦ Data format: Solar API v1 – CurrentData – Inverter
◦ Interval: 5 min
◦ activated: yes
◦ Server:Port:
◦ Upload file name: /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=64840&key=***
◦ Change this to: /service/r2/froniuspost.jsp?sid=64840&key=***&v6=Voltage_AC_Phase_1&nodayenergy=1&n=1
◦ Click the ‘tick’ [top right] in the Settings // Push Service window
◦ Response should be: Note The settings were applied successfully. OK
◦ Click ‘OK’
◦ Check
:black_small_square: ‘Upload file name:’
:black_small_square: State: Successful 2 minutes ago upper right
◦ Check PVOutput: R900 0.050kW

Henry H

API keys removed from your post above, anyone with the key is able to change your data.