€, $, and other currencies?


I realized that PVOutput automatically sets the currency according to the country the installation is placed in. But: for Poland it takes USD ($). Can you change it for Poland to PLN ? This is the official currency (Zloty). I don’t think it is too much work to implement and it would be great for users from other countries to be able to see their currency in pvoutput…

Thank you!


no way to add this in the coding? The way it is now is a bit strange… If the location is chosen, it shouldn’t be to hard to add few lines of coding (there is already Pounds, Dollars and Euro as far as I saw…)

Thank you

This new feature is under consideration, but low priority at the moment.

Hello, @bankstownbloke

is there any chance you could implement it? Would be really great and helpful establishing PVOutput in other regions…

Thank you!

has been added as the currency symbol for Poland.

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Thank you so much! Great! Works wonderfully!

@bankstownbloke any chance you add CHF for Switzerland? Thank you.

Swiss CHF has been added.

Also added -

  • Norwegian Krone (kr)
  • Swedish Krona (kr)
  • Danish Krone (kr.)

A bit late but thank you :slight_smile:

Can you please add South Africa (ZA=Rand R)

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Hello. Sorry to revive this old thread but could you also add RON currency for Romania ? Thank you.