Analyse TOU page


On the Analyse TOU page, the energy consumption data being used is gross energy for the day, which with solar power providing covering some of that energy consumption is not very meaningful when displaying peak and off-peak data. From a peak vs off-peak perspective it, doesn’t make sense to use gross energy as some of the consumption comes from solar which is neither peak nor off-peak.

It would be more relevant to base the peak/off-peak percentage on the net energy import for the day, which actually represents the entire peak/off-peak energy consumption and be consistent with what the house’s power meter is actually recording. I therefore recommend that the energy consumption baseline on the Analyse TOU page be changed from gross to net import energy or maybe give the user an option to select which baseline, gross or net import, will be used.


A bit late but this feature has been added -

Click on the Net link to switch to an import/export view.

Click on Gross to return to the default view -