Ambient Weather data not uploading


This morning my Ambient Weather uploads stopped at 7:20AM PDT. Not sure what is causing it. I checked the settings and the check showed the data is available for upload.
For some time now when the PV system awakens the data from AWeather becomes intermittent with every other reading dropped…then later the missing data if filled in. What setting could affect the behavior of the uploads?
Just checked again and there is another upload at 12:05 PM. Still nothing in between and no data has been backfilled.
Cheched at 12:20 and everything has been filled in. Not sure what was going on except that the AW site may have been doing some housekeeping.


The weather device has Main Temperature disabled, but temperature is not being recorded on any extended parameter.


And SolarEdge temperature enabled, this will only record temperature when inverter data is available from SolarEdge.



Had a similar problem a couple of days ago. lost the temp and extended data (solar radiation, UV index etc.) I waited until the next day to see if the temp and extended data returned but no data. I then went into my Ambient Weather portal, deleted my current personal API (Not the App API), regenerated a new API and Copy/pasted this new API onto my PVOutput account and all the lost info reappeared and backfilled on the missing day automatically.
4/3/2019: This same problem happening again @ 11:35 AM. I’ll wait 24 hours to see if the problem will resolve itself before creating a new API key.
4/3/2019 about 1 hour later: Decided to replace the Ambientweather API with a new API, Copied/paste into PVOutput, all missing data autofilled in 5 minutes. I hope I will not have to do this so often.


Ambient returned invalid API key for your system so the downloads was removed.

Seems we will need to ignore these false errors from Ambient.

Thanks for reporting.