Ambient API call frequency changed

When I switched over to the Ambient API a couple of days ago I had the same 5 minute interval calls to the API as I did with WU API.

Now I see that the Ambient API call frequency is reduced to every 15 minutes.

What changed?

The temperature download is triggered by the primary device download, in the case webbox. Only when data is received from webbox when it uploads its data 5-15 minutes then an ambient download run.

So why did I have temp data for every 24 hour period with the new Ambient API key when I first switched on 3/7? I had constant temp data up until yesterday which is why I posted what happened. I was getting temp data every 5 minutes even when I was not generating. I even commented that I was very happy that the Ambient key now provides constant temp data compared to the old WU API key.

I am seeing temp data every 5 minutes now up until generation starts and then temp data reduces to every 15 minutes. Same with solar insolation. It wasn’t working like this originally. I had temp data every 5 minutes throughout the day during generation. Something has changed since the switch to Ambient.

PVOutput will download the last 24hrs from ambient on the first run. On each 15-minute download only the current temperature reading is recorded.

Then on each 12th download or 3-hours it will download the last 24hrs again.

Thanks for the explanation of what I am now seeing BB. Matches data.