Alpha-ess Inverters

Has anyone been able to interface an Alpha-Ess smile5 inverter with pvoutput yet ??

I’d like to know this too!

any update

Me, too. My battery went in yesterday.

I wonder if the CSV or Live loader could be used? One can download data from the Smile5 as a CSV file.
It would be clunky but may work. I’ll try it

Yes, it works. I uploaded a day’s data but will add more.

It’s a bit of a fiddle. I downloaded the data from the AlphaESS app as a CSV file. I then loaded it into a spreadsheet and added some additional columns to convert the data, which is in kW, to watts by multiplying the contents of the data column by 1000 to convert it to watts.

Date Time BAT Load Solar Generated kWh Feed-in Exported kWh Consumed Consumption kWh

24/05/2024 7:10 10 6.375 6375 0.063 63 0 0 6.342 6342

Unfortunately, one can’t do much with the spreadsheet CSV file as it is. Dropping it into Live Loader directly doesn’t work because the data is separated by spaces, it needs to be comma delimited. So I opened it with Notepad and pasted it from there:


Someone with greater ability then me could probably write a script file to do all that.

I’m not sure if one can do much with the battery data.

I’ll continue playing with the data and Live Loader.

The ‘Data separated by’ option should be able to handle space separators.


Nothing wrong with me that a new pair of glasses wouldn’t fix. :frowning:

Of course you don’t need to convert the power to watts, the drop-down menus allow data to be in kW. Silly me.

I didn’t have much luck with spaces vs. commas. PVO didn’t like leading spaces on the time field. I’ll play with it again tomorrow.

Forget all that above. It’s 3.30 am, I’m in bed and I’ve just woken up and realised it’s much simpler than that. I’ll test it when I get up at 8am and have a keyboard rather than an iPad.

I’m going back to sleep. :slight_smile:

Test and working in a much simpler method:

Open the AlphaESS Monitoring website: Alpha ESS Monitoring

In the Power Diagram section, select the date and then Download CSV

Open the saved CSV file with a text editor, e.g., Notepad, not a spreadsheet program.

The file will be a comma delimited file. Select all of it and copy it.

Go to PVOoutput, Add Output, select Live Loader

Set the date and then paste the copied data from the CSV file into the Paste Data area.
There will be 2 too many rows. Delete the header row and the last row (midnight of the following day). Setting the Header lines to skip and Trailer lines to skip to 1 doesn’t work here. You need to remove those lines before attempting to load the data.

EDIT: If after doing that, it indicates you still have to remove one record, check right at the bottom of the data to remove any extra blank lines.

Tick the boxes next to Power Generation and Power Consumption and reset both the kW rather than the default W.

Set Power Generation to be Position 4
Set Power Consumption to be Position 3

Select Load. That’s it. You will get a message: " Successfully added 288 records"

The data should show up on Your Outputs shortly after.

Actually, this is much quicker to do than to read. Once you’ve done it once, some of the settings stay set so it’s even quicker. I’ll do the rest of mine this arvo when I get home. At the moment you can see mine at: p38arover 6.460kW (Yes, I’m missing years of data.)


This is good as a one-off, the holy grail is live integration like my Fronius inverter does.

Indeed. One of the tech guys from the battery provider is going to look into it for me.