Hi BB,

I’ve spent a few hours trying to aggregate six systems to Noosa COC
Ignore PAL5400120630183, that was a blunder.
TrannergyPAL5400120630183 has been requesting a transfer of ownership but the email hasn’t arrived, for 3 hours.
The other emails arrived pretty quickly.
I’ve given the children this:
and Noosa COC this:
The children stopped logging when I transferred ownership, some of them (hard to tell which) logged for a bit but now nothing works.
What simple thing have I missed?



System 28256 has been transferred back and forth a couple of times between two accounts.

The accounts page now shows pending system transfers, the Accept link is identical to the one in the email.



Yes, I’ve been trying a few things.
I’ve accepted that one just now.
The next thing to work out is why the systems stop logging once they become children.


Note that they API key is tied to the account, if the system was transferred to another account then API calls using the previous account key will obviously fail.


All good now.
Reprogrammed the Arduinos and they’re all chatting away like the mad little Shanghai Grrlz they are.
Thanks, BB.