Aggregation - Need help in getting data to show correctly



I have two Solaredge systems at home, both are hooked up to a KwH meter which sends production figures to two “Youless” energie meters. This works quite well.

One of these energie meters is also hooked up to my Smart Meter (energy company) and is from that perspective now also sending my data usage towards the net (eg: how much power am i sending into the net, or getting out of it).

In Pvoutput I have a parent/child setup with one virutal parent that aggregates the data from the two systems into one.

The whole setup is working, collecting data, sending data and data is also displayed in Pvoutput.

I however am now noticing an issue, I specifically noticed it in the pvoutput app but it is visible on the website to:

What I want to do is clearly have my energy -usage- and energy -production- side by side, however:

  • energy production is displayed correctly
  • energy consumption is not displayed correctcly, this is because it is reporting the energy usage as drawn from the net, and ofcourse when the sun is out then this is mostly negative or low at the least…

So I have to find a way to get pvoutput to calculate what my actual energy usage was, in a spreadsheet I would do:

  • Get my energy production numbers
  • Get my energy as drawn from/sent to the net

-> deduct those: My real consumption is:

  • production - energy sent to the net (difference is used)

Am I making sense here ?


I think what makes this difficult is the fact that there are -two- inverters here and one net uplink…

I think what pvoutput now does is calculate consumption for every inverter and then sum up the values in the parent…

What -should- happen in my case (I think) is first sum the values for the two inverters and THEN calculatie consumption…

I do not suppose there is some way I could configure that ?


On the children set Aggregation Mode to Solar. This will only sum generation from the inverters to the parent.

Consumption should be uploaded directly to the parent.