Aggregation detail on children

I have aggregation correctly working with one parent and three children, graphs are ok as well.

How can I add “the children data”, example power generation, onto the parent (power) graphs → meaning that on the aggregated graphs (of area type), I would like to see the details of the children as well (line).

Edit: Can somehow achieve it with adding all inverters to my favourites and do a compare there. But the issue there is that it seems that the compare graph is not refreshing and need to be recreated every time to have the latest data? It seems that this is caused by the Solaredge inverter data (via api) that doesn’t refresh, where my 2 other ones (SMA) are doing fine.

This is only possible by manually comparing the parent system data vs the child.

The compare live refresh would only refresh when both systems have available new data, so would cause an issue if there is a delay in one of the systems.